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747 Series Measuring Gages

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The 747 Series is surprisingly affordable, and because of its capability, will save you from having to buy many different types of gages.
With over 2500 installations, the 747 Series ID-OD gaging station has proven its value time and time again. This measuring station is designed for maximum versatility, and the measurement of parts where inspection accuracy and tolerances are critical. Also, contact pressure is easily adjusted by operator. This gage is excellent for inspecting thin-wall parts or less rigid plastic parts.

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Item Name

747-3 Measure concentricity between an internal and external diameter
747-4 Measure concentricity between two external diameters
747-5 Small internal helical gears with ball pins
747-6 Measure internal and external gear/spline using custom carbide ball
747-7 Measure internal and external gear/spline using custom carbide balls
747-8 Measure T-slot width
747-9 Measure center distance
747-10 Measure inner diameter of narrow counterbore width from 4 to 10 mm
747-11 Measure a small internal groove
747-12 Measure an internal diameter
747-13 Measure a shallow counterbore
747-14 Measure a shallow external groove
747-15 Measure inner diameter of counterbore
747-16 Measure a shallow internal groove
747-17 Measure a diameter with difficult access/boss/hub
747-18 Measure an external diameter
747-19 Measure a cone
  Results 1 - 17 of 17 1